American Football “But the regrets are killing me”

Great song. Exactly how I’m feeling right now.

Shed your skin and become.
Reach inside your chest and remove what’s left of your blackened heart.

Parkway Drive “A Cold Day In Hell”
They never showed any affection to anything but your ego.
A tragedy of errors at the best of times.
You are everything that’s wrong with me.
You are everything that I despise.
You are everything I dreamed would die.
You are everything that fades away and slowly dies.

Parkway Drive “Romance Is Dead”
1,981 plays Balaclava Arctic Monkeys Favourite Worst Nightmare


The confidence is the balaclava 

I’m sure you’ll baffle them good

Will the ending reek of salty cheeks

And runny make-up alone?

Not one more step in the name of progress,
In the name of blind ambition.

Parkway Drive “Sleepwalker”
27 Places Straight Out Of Nightmares